Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions relating to our tours before booking.
People understand that they are participating on these tours at their own risk.
People on these tours should dress appropriately for the weather conditions.
Sensible footwear should be worn at all times, as uneven ground is present in some locations.
Instruction from the guide should be followed at all times.
People are to remain with the tour and not wander off on their own.
Your safety is of the utmost importance to us and we will always ensure this occurs.
Any person arriving for the tour who is obviously under the influence of drugs/alcohol will not be permitted onto the tour.
Please note that if this is the case, there will be no refund of payment received for the tour.
Unacceptable behaviour will result in the tour being halted and the person asked to leave. No refund will be received.
There is no minimum number of participants on any of our tours, however we reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule the tour should it be necessary.
By booking these tours, you waive the right to sue or make any legal claims against Down to Earth Tours or any of its staff.
Medical Conditions
Our tours consist of walking and standing, often in warm weather or wet conditions on what can be uneven ground. Our walks are easy-paced and mostly, however on flat, even ground.
Please consider this if you suffer any of the listed conditions:
  • Difficulties with walking distances or standing
  • Heart condition
  • Bladder condition
  • Breathing condition such as Asthma
  • High or Low Blood Pressure
  • Any injuries such as Muscle Strain or Tendons
  • Any recent surgery
  • Pregnancy
Tour Cancellations/Refunds
Down to Earth Tours has a minimum requirement of 24 hours’ notice to cancel a tour. If within a 24-hour period, prior to the day of the tour, then no refund policy will apply. At any other time, a full refund can be given or an alternative tour offered.
If Down to Earth Tours cancels any tour, then a full refund, or credit for another tour will be given. Alternatively, another date can be chosen. This does not apply if it is simply a change of time for the start of the tour.
Tour participants who are a “no-show” on the day of the tour are not entitled to any refund or credits.
Down to Earth Tours will run tours in most weather conditions, unless deemed unsafe by us such as in the event of storms or high winds. In the case of these extreme weather events, a full refund or credit will be offered with also an option for an alternative date and time for another tour.
Methods of Payment
All tours need to be pre-booked and paid for in full prior to the day of the tour.
Payments are only refundable due to the circumstances outlined above.
Please read the Terms and Conditions before making your tour bookings.
We will assume they have been read and agreed to at the time of booking.
No tickets will be sent. Please print out the email/payment details and bring with you on the day of the tour.
For more information:
Phone: +61416082478