Hills, Squares & Parklands

90 minutes

This tour features Montefiore Hill, Brougham Place and Palmer Place well known for their large mansions including Christ Church & Bishop’s Court, which date from the early 1850’s. Skirting the southern fringe of North Adelaide overlooking the magnificent parklands, behind the facade of the stunning architecture lies stories relating to an early Australian explorer, a campaigner for women’s suffrage, an exclusive private boy’s college, a botanic artist, a wealthy pastoralist family, a former Lord Mayor of Adelaide, early plans brought out from England for religious buildings, Colonel William Light and the first public hanging in South Australia. Many other interesting quirky facts and tales are told along the route of the tour.


Adult: $40 per person Concession: $35 per person Children (5-17 years): $25 per person


Tours are run all days of the week from 10am-12pm. Other times can be discussed.

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