Grand Mansions & Sub-divisions

90 minutes Taylor House

This walk highlights the grand mansions of Brougham Place built to address the Park Lands setting and, in contrast continues to Lower North Adelaide, which features the Chichester Gardens subdivisions between Stanley, Melbourne & Jerningham Streets. Hear about the make up of the early population of North Adelaide with its German as well as Irish former residents. The style of architecture really highlights the former wealthy classes as well as the working classes who resided in the area. We discuss those who lived in Lower North Adelaide including former Lord Mayors of Adelaide, Politicians, Architects, Journalists, Ironmongers, Brewers, Bakers, Basketmakers and stories including a double murder/suicide back in the 1880’s. You will see what made and still makes this part of North Adelaide a desirable place to live as we roam through some leafy streets.


Adult: $40 per person Concession: $35 per person Children (5-17 years): $25 per person


Tours are run all days of the week from 10am-12pm. Other times can be discussed.

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